Philip Jean late c18. Maria Duchess of Gloucester.



This lovely miniature was painted by Jean towards the end of the eighteenth century after an earlier portrait of her, taken around 1770 at which time she was about 34-5 years old.If the original portrait was much later than that, it was certainly a flattering likeness!It is set in the original locket frame with a blue guilloche reverse bearing the initial 'M' under a ducal coronet.

Dimensions: Oval 3 inches high

Price Guide: F

Item Reference: 7

Additional Information: Maria (1736-1807)was a granddaughter of the famous Robert Walpole. She was born illegitimate and led a rather shadowy life on the fringes of society, until her marriage in 1759, to the 2nd. Earl Waldegrave. She gave him three children, all of whom later married into the aristocracy.Her husband died in 1763, and she married again, Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, brother of George III.The King disapproved strongly, of the match,so the marriage ceremony was held in secret, and Maria, now Duchess of Gloucester, was forbidden to attend Court.Indeed their union led George to pass the Royal Marriages Act of 1772, which required all members of the Royal family to seek the Sovereign's permission before they wed. In spite of the King's animosity to the Gloucesters, their son, Prince William Frederick, married his cousin, Princess Mary ( George III's daughter)in 1816