Charles Henard circa 1795

A beautiful portrait of young lady wearing a white and gold gown. It is taken against a leafy woodland background, complemented by the almost Grecian wreath of greenery in her hair.It is set in the original gilt frame with later solid reverse panel.

Dimensions: Oval 3 inches high.

Price Guide: E

Item Reference: 5

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Robert Theer 1844 A young lady wearing a veil

A lovely work by this Viennese artist, signed and dated on the obverse. It is also inscribed on the reverse with details of its entry in an exhibition in 1907.It is set in the original gilt frame.

Dimensions: Oval, 3 1/4 inches high

Price Guide: B

Item Reference: 32

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A lady of the Court by Le Chevalier de Guerard 1801

This charming miniature is signed and dated on the obverse. The young lady is portrayed against a woodland scene. She is unusually shown in half-length, seated and holding the portrait miniature of her husband in her right hand. It is set in the original gilt mount with claw reverse. The back is inscribed in a later hand.

Dimensions: Oval, 3 3/10 inches high.

Price Guide: F

Item Reference: 56

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Franz Walter circa 1775 A young lady in white with powdered hair.

The fashionable young sitter is wearing a white gown with blue ribbons and her hair is high and powdered. The miniature is set in the original locket frame with hair-work panel reverse.

Dimensions: Oval 1 4/5 inches high.

Price Guide: A

Item Reference: 57

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Charles-Claude Noisot 1828

This very attractive miniature is signed and dated, lower left. The pretty dark-haired young girl is shown against a countryside background.It is set in a fine ormolu oval frame.

Dimensions: Miniature oval 3 1/4 inches high, frame 4 1/2 inches high.

Price Guide: B

Item Reference: 68

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